Fantoastic Four

Just stumbled upon this artists work. What a fantastic blog! Using food to make pop culture art, kudos!     Source: Fantoastic Four

Big Kahuna Burgers

“What does a good burger LOOK like?” Meat, cheese, a sweet sauce, pineapple. A classic Hawaiian Burger. Marinated beef, a spicy ginger garlic aioli, a sweet crispy bun. This sandwich goes great paired with a five dollar shak, Martin and Lewis style. Kick out your vegetarian girlfriend, fire up your stove and cook this shit….

Kaiju Breakfast Burritos

This a great fast and easy breakfast recipe. Goes great starting a Godzilla Monster Marathon. Mothra eggs, with Rodan maple sausage. This dish is best served “in pairs” with Gamera milk. Also goes great wrapped¬†up in a pancake!       4 Large soft shell Tortillas 6 Eggs 8 Maple Syrup Breakfast Sausages, cooked 1/4…

The Dip

  Ahh the Dip, an iconic formula, created by the dishonorable Judge Doom to rid the world of Toontown and toons forever. Didn’t work so well. This is a great guac to accompany a zany movie. Spicy, smooth, and colorful. Pattycake Pattycake.

Dr. Zaius’ Damn Dirty Banana Sauce

This was a recipe I came up with for a Planet of the Apes marathon.It’s a fantastic sauce, tangy, sweet, hint of spice. It goes great on Forbidden Zone horse burgers (those come later) For now, sprinkle some cumin on fruit, and dip that shit into this sauce. Delicious. Just don’t let those damn humans…